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Top 10 Ways Nonviolent Communication Interrupted Our Lives

#10 There are a lot more options for naming our feelings besides “good” and “bad”.

#9 We can’t stop watching Marshall B. Rosenberg play with the giraffe and jackal puppets. And play his guitar and sing.

#8 So, you’re saying that you’re feeling a lot of joy because your need for consuming Top 10 lists is being fulfilled by reading this?

#7 Taking our inner conflicts out on our underwear or our gardens is not healthy

#6 Yelling at your child so they don’t fall off a cliff is acceptable.

#5 It is possible to assess our observations, feelings, needs and requests in one go - apparently…although not all of us have mastered this skill

#4 Reading NVC In Action made us feel - oh, wait, it can’t make us feel anything… We should probably go back and re-read that part…

#3 Beware of the quiet people! They may not be peaceful on the inside.

#2 Is Marshall B. Rosenberg and Mr. Rogers the same person?

And the number one way Nonviolent Communication interrupted our lives is:

#1 “Why would I talk to anyone without manipulation?” is not a healthy sentence, Lia.

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