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Top 10 Ways What the Robin Knows Interrupted Our Lives

Top 10 Ways What the Robin Knows by Jon Young Interrupted Our Lives:

#10 Listening to the bird calls and trying to spell them.

#9 Pet birds and country birds and city birds react differently.

#8 Creating strings that turn into ropes that show the interconnectedness of everything.

#7 Birds can sense your mood and emotions.

#6 Finding the best sit spot when it’s chilly and rainy out (answer for some of us: nowhere)

#5 It’s good to know ahead of time whether you are joining a naturalist group or a naturist group.

#4 Putting random things in your mouth that you assume are other things is not a good idea.

#3 Lessons from Jon Young get into your head without you realizing it.

#2 Some of us are better at mimicking bird calls than others!

And the number one way “What the Robin Knows” by Jon Young interrupted our lives is:

#1 Trying to be part of the ecosystem not apart from it

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