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Book Interrupted Episodes are filled with fun, acceptance, transparency, kindness, inclusion and connection which are also our core values.


You can expect the episodes to be filled with laughter, silliness, tears, love and heated conversation.

Each of our books have a 6-week book cycle to ensure busy people like ourselves have time to complete the book, but only if they want too. There are no expectations on Book Interrupted for books to be completed by members if they don’t have time or aren’t enjoying them. Book Interrupted publishes both a weekly Podcast and a YouTube Video Episode and we review the progress of the book each week for the full 6 weeks. The Podcast includes the full episode, but if you want the highlights you can watch the YouTube Video from the same discussion.

We discuss serious books and topics, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We leave that to the experts; the books are just the catalyst for real connection with other busy people around the world.    

We want our fans to participate in the show, because we rely on our fan contribution to bring other points of view and life experiences into the conversation. Tell us what you think of the books, topics of discussion or if you connect with one of our members interruptions. We want to hear from you and include you in the show! 

Every 6th episode is our fan episode where we review all the fan comments, videos, audio files and emails. If your contribution is chosen we will include you in the Fan profit share program. Go to our Fans page to learn more.

Enjoy the show and we hope to hear from you soon!

YouTube Episodes

Watch our latest Episodes on YouTube!

Exploitation, More Killers-No Justice & Typecasting -Killers of the Flower Moon Episode
Killers of the Flower Moon Episode
Author's Spotlight with Dr. Kerry Forrestal MD
Author's Spotlight with Dr. Kerry Forrestal -Crushing Cancer
Kim's Shocking Announcement Interruption
Puppy Biting, Pack Leaders & Medications Gone Wrong -Off the Shelf Ep15 -Let's Talk about Pets
Off The Shelf Episode 15 - Lets talk about Pets
Invest in One Direction
Sarah's 'We've Been Banned' Interruption
Hunger Games Analysis: Songbird or Snake #booktube #podcast #bookseries
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Movie is Ashley's Favourite -The Hunger Games Movies #booktube
Driving & Reading  Audiobook Magic
Hunger Games The Series, Pretty Privilege & Mirror Images -The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes EP
International Women's Day 2024 -Inspire Inclusion
The Luxury Paradox -The Hunger Games EP2
Lindsay's Lost and Found Books Interruption
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Episode
What Pasta are you? Quiz Off The Shelf - EP14 #booktube
Off The Shelf Episode 13 - Pasta Quiz
No Kids and Tattoos-  Unpacking Choices as We Age #booktube
Ink with Time  Embracing Tattoos #booktube
Impulsive Journeys to Sobriety - A Bali Adventure Story #booktube
Kara's Anger Interruption
Did it "Age" Well and Does the Readers Age Matter? -Eat Pray Love Episode
Beyond the Books  Journeys Through Literary Series & Adaptations #podcast #bookseries #books
Unraveling The Giver  Journeys Beyond the Pages #podcast #books #bookseries
Book Lovers Unite  Navigating Series, Standalones, and The Giver's End #books #bookseries #podcast
Eat Pray Love Episode                                                           #booktube
Season Three Recap or is it about Season Four and Twilight? #booktube
Season Three Recap #booktube

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