2021 Book Picks


Book Interrupted is a book club for busy people to connect and one that celebrates life’s interruptions.



Sarah’s Book Pick is Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés PhD.   

Through storytelling this book dives into the wild women archetype and how it can be restored.

January 3rd to February 7th 2021



Kara’s Book Pick is Untamed by Glennon Doyle.  

Untamed is a memoir that examines the restrictive roles and expectations placed on women. 

February 14th to March 21st 2021



Lindsay’s Book Pick is Seeing Red by Kirsten Karchmer.

Seeing Red breaks down the lies women have been made to believe about their periods and how to achieve a healthy cycle.

March 28th to May 2nd 2021



Meredith’s Book Pick is Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

Nonviolent Communication illustrates how to use language to strengthen your relationships, build trust, prevent conflict and heal.

June 20th to July 25th 2021



Lia’s Book Pick is Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

Sapiens explores how human history has shaped our societies, the animals and plants around us and even our personalities.

August 1st to September 5th 2021



Kim’s Book Pick is From the Ashes by Jesse Thistle.

From the Ashes is a memoir that exposes what it means to live surrounded by prejudice and racism, and how to find happiness despite the odds.

September 12th to October 17th 2021

lindsay working out on the beach


Our Fan Lindsay’s Book Pick is 4% Fix by Karma Brown.​

How to find guilt-free time for what you really want to do, and why it matters. How would you use this one hour–only 4% of your day–to change your life?

October 24th - November 28th 2021

fan edit in a movie theatre

Our Fan Squiggy's Book Pick was White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo.​

In this in-depth exploration, this book examines how white fragility develops, how it protects racial inequity, and what we can do to engage more constructively

May 9th - June 13th 2021