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Lia edited into a person eating gelato.

Members: Lia


Tattoo Artist.

Home and Family:


I am a wife and mother to a 5 years old daughter.

Passions and Hobbies:


Art; drawing, tattooing and working with clay.



Fanshaw College in London Ontario Canada.

Where you Live:


Burlington Ontario Canada.

Life Philosophy: 


Shit or get off the pot.

Life Experiences that are unique to you; that helped shaped who you are:


Childhood epilepsy certainly shaped my formative years. I have very few childhood memories as a result but am closely bonded to my loving parents and sister (Kara), who cared for and protected me. That has shaped my ideas about family, loving bonds, and made me very adaptable and resilient.

List 3 key words that describe you:


Silly, Generous and Opinionated.

List your top 5 favourite books:


  1. Life of Pi, Yann Martel

  2. Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela

  3. The Dark Tower series, Stephen King

  4. Animal Farm, George Orwell

  5. Love You Forever, Robert Munsch

List your top 5 favourite movies:


  1. Eat, Pray, Love 

  2. The Labyrinth 

  3. Dirty Dancing 

  4. Can’t Buy Me Love 

  5. The Notebook

List your top 5 favourite tv shows:


  1. Star Trek next generation

  2. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

  3. The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

  4. Seinfeld

  5. Arrested Development

List your top 5 favourite comfort foods:


  1. Pasta with butter and Parmesan

  2. Seafood Laksa Soup

  3. Red licorice

  4. Diet coke in a can

  5. BEER!

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