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Sarah edited in a train scene, frowning, wearing her backpack_

Members: Sarah


Stay at Home Mother, previously sales manager for socially conscious companies.

Home and Family:


I’ve been married to a wonderful man since 2011 that has helped me live a life of possibilities with 3 of those being our children, the loves of our lives.  

I am a daughter to an extremely encouraging mother and I am a sister and friend to Meredith and Matt.  

Passions and Hobbies:


I love to read, dance, cook/eat, garden, travel, drink tea, pottery, float in water and watch the flames of a log fire.



I went to Mohawk College for Marketing and Alive Academy for Applied Nutrition. I also spent half a semester at McMaster. 

Where you Live:


I live between Canada and Senegal.

Life Philosophy: 


Replace should with could and you’ll live a full life worthy of you.

Life Experiences that are unique to you; that helped shaped who you are:


As a child I was always trying to do the right thing, be good, act as I should to please the people around me. I thought at a very young age as long as you did what you were supposed to and followed the rules you were guaranteed a happily ever after.


So, as a grew into a young adult I married my first kiss, had a great job just out of college, was taking night classes to get my degree (because you really should have a degree) and was looking to purchase land and build my first home.


There was just one problem, I didn’t actually love my really great job and I didn’t want a degree in business, because it would only land me the job I already had. I had a husband, except I was so lonely, and we had clearly outgrown each other since that first kiss at 17.


I did everything I was supposed to do, but it wasn’t happily ever after. This shook me, so after 13 months of marriage we divorced. I completed a course in Applied Nutrition, instead of Business and got a job at a Health food store as a manager. I started over completely and learned that everyone’s happily ever after looks different and your life is what you make of it.

List 3 key words that describe you:


Kind, Passionate and Sincere.

List your top 5 favourite books:

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    First Book that I had ever read that I couldn’t put down.

  2. The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene
    Made me excited about learning and to contemplate the endless possibilities in life. It opened my mind.

  3. A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
    Helped me tremendously with my low self-esteem and my negative talk. I also used to listen to the audio book whenever I was feeling stressed. He has the most soothing voice.

  4. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
    I read to learn and to improve myself up to this point. Not for pleasure. This was the first book I read just for fun and enjoyment.

  5. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
    Reading other women’s stories of childbirth made me prepared for what I could expect, not what I should fear. It is the best book on childbirth that I have ever read, and I read whatever I could get my hands on. I always suggest it to any and all pregnant women.

List your top 5 favourite tv shows:


  1. Pride and Prejudice the BBC miniseries

  2. The Office - American

  3. The Baroness von Sketch Show

  4. Li Ziqi Cooking

  5. The Graham Norton Show


**Honourable Mention; I have watched more murder mystery series than any other form of TV in my life.I’ve done this to bond with my mother. She loves to watch them with someone and guess who did it. I have watched everything from Miss Marble, Miss Fisher’s, Midsummer Murders, Rosemary & Thyme, Murder she wrote, Elementary, Aurora Teagarden, Private Eyes, etc., etc., etc.

List your top 5 favourite movies:


  1. Away we go

  2. Yes Man

  3. Last Holiday

  4. Bend it like Beckem

  5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding


As you can see, I mostly watch feel good movies and rarely watch anything I haven’t already seen or read. Basically, I watch these movies over and over. Here are a handful more: Under the Tuscan Sun, Chocolat, Julie and Julia, Notting Hill and Practical Magic. 

List your top 5 comfort foods:

  1. Tea

  2. Chocolate

  3. Cheesecake

  4. Ice cream

  5. Cookies

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