Connecting with Fans

Book Interrupted is committed to aiding busy people around the globe to connect with each other through books.  We truly appreciate all fan contribution because it enriches viewers experience as well as our own.

Book Interrupted acknowledges our lack of diversity within our 6 contributing members and therefore rely heavily on our fan contribution to bring other points of view and life experiences into the conversation.

Fan Profit Share

Inspired by a Sharing Economy model, Book Interrupted will reward fans for contributing to the content of our show.  Fans voices and opinions will add diversity and depth to our discussions and conversations.  Every 6-week book cycle will devote an entire episode to fans comments, emails, voicemails and videos.

The chosen contributing fans will split equally a share of 5% of profits for the book cycle where their content was utilized.  Book Interrupted will choose 5-15 fans for each fan episode.  Fans that wish to participate in profit sharing will need to acquire a PayPal account for payment.  Book Interrupted will notify each fan of being selected for the fan episode and will explain how profit-sharing works.

Fan Member Book Selection

Book Interrupted will select a fan's book suggestion twice a year. The 6-week book cycle will include the fan in all 6 episodes and discussions just as though they were one of the contributing members.

Fan members will submit their book suggestion and request to become a fan member at least 12 weeks before publishing.  Book Interrupted will notify fans of submission deadlines through email, podcast, video and social media.  Once selected all previous fan suggestions will automatically be submitted for the next book cycle; if the book hasn’t been chosen after 3 fan book cycles the book will be removed from submission.

Book Interrupted will gift each fan member a microphone and ring light to use for broadcasting and walk them through Book Interrupted's handbook. Fan members will split equally a share of the contributing fan 5% profit share during their book cycle with the other 5-15 fans involved in the fan episode.

Fan Book Submission

Fan Book #3: Reading Cycle April 2nd - May 21st, 2022

Airs May 30th - July 4th, 2022
Submissions Due Date: March 5th, 2022

Are you available for the following group discussion dates? Please select which dates you are available for.

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Fan Rewards

Book Interrupted will reward our devoted fans that add their voice regularly to our discussions with a thank you Swag package. The fan must have had at least 10 interactions with Book Interrupted and be willing to provide their mailing address. Book Interrupted will determine what thank you package each fan will receive depending on their international location and contribution.

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Book Interrupted Reviews

"I just subscribed to your channel. Hope to watch more of your chat with the girls :) you are all amazing chatting together."

Maeann from Phillippines