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Top 10 The Midnight Library Interrupted Our Lives

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Top 10 Ways The Midnight Library by Matt Haig Interrupted Our Lives:

#10 We had lots of fun coming up with what our personal “Midnight Library” would be and who would be our “Mrs. Elm”!

#9 Changing language to 'died by suicide.'

#8 Pondering if parallel universes are real. Is there another one of us out there? And are they as awesome as we are?

#7 Learning that Sarah needs a slap in the face to learn a lesson. (Not literally!)

#6 Rachel McAdams is in a lot of time travel movies!

#5 Suspending belief; accepting the fictional world of the book and trying not to look at it realistically.

#4 Imagining dancing limbo while in limbo.

#3 Finding our Gene’s Picks (watch Seinfeld and you’ll understand).

#2 Learning that our decisions make us, and there’s no point in living with regrets.

And the number one way The Midnight Library by Matt Haig interrupted our lives is:

#1 Getting to know Virginia. It was such a pleasure to have her on the podcast!

Listen to our Book Interrupted podcast to learn more.

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