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Lindsay, pick your favourite photo and write something about it?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

I have a hard time with many of these questions, because I rarely have a favourite anything. Things I like change with my mood, my age, the time of year, the time of month, etc. Here’s a photo I like right now, but who knows if it will be my favourite by the time you are reading this…

This was taken in Piemonte, Italy, a few years ago. My partner’s brother got married there and we spent time staying at a beautiful home in the middle of vineyards. The owners of the house (who lived on the main floor) brought us up the most delicious vegetables from their garden and we cooked and drank local wine and sat out on our patio enjoying the beautiful view. I loved the view so much I painted it. Sometimes it’s the story and memories behind the photo that are as special as the photo itself.


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