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Top 10 Ways Sapiens Interrupted Our Lives

#10 Wow, some of us are feeling pretty depressed about the world homo sapiens have created.

#9 Should we be like the hunter gatherers and get rid of all our stuff?

#8 Corporations, money, government and even human rights are not real, just stories we all believe. Our minds are blown!

#7 If your child gives every adult a peanut, they won’t grow up to be an a-hole.

#6 How amazing would it have been to live in a world of humongous kangaroos and koalas, huge dragon-like lizards, and enormous flightless birds? RIP the giant animals! Shame on you homo sapiens!

#5 Gossip tells us to watch out for Uncle Tim.

#4 Could this book lead us to become vegans?

#3 There is no one “natural” way our ancestors lived, so stop trying to use that as a reason to be a biggot!

#2 We could get breast implants and dedicate one to our grandmother, the other to our grandfather, and when squished together they can motorboat in heaven (you might have to listen to Sapiens Episode 3 of the podcast to understand that one!).

And the number one way Sapiens interrupted our lives is:

#1 Cutting the book in half makes it easier to read - but can we do it?!

Listen to our Book Interrupted podcast to learn more.


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