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Sarah, what is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

The most spontaneous thing I ever did was moving to Shanghai, China. I was commuting back and forth between Toronto and Burlington for my job in business development at an energy and environmental management company (who kept me on in China, luckily). My husband and I weren’t married yet, but we had been together a while and living in Toronto. He was offered an opportunity to be part of an international trade show in China to represent his home country, Senegal. I remember he asked me what I thought through the bathroom door, when I was soaking in a bath . I immediately said without even thinking “you have to do it!” He responded that we’d have to leave in a month. I then said, “no problem” and turns out it wasn’t. We were extremely busy before we left, especially since we also decided to get married before we left as well. I remember when we finally got on the plane it was as if we were exhaling for the first time since I said, “no problem”.

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