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Sarah, pick your favourite photo and write something about it?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

My favourite photo is one where Meredith, my brother, my mother, and I are standing outside in a forest of evergreen surrounded by snow. You will notice that my mom is holding a saw and we are all standing beside the side of a dying evergreen tree, or in this case, a Christmas Tree. I remember it being Christmas eve, but if it wasn’t, it was close to. Meredith’s friend's father had invited us to his little wilderness to cut our own tree that year. We all spread out to look for the perfect tree and it had begun to snow. We all hear my mom from a distance yell out to us: “I found it!”, and by the time we get there she is already sawing it down. Turns out, she hadn’t found the perfect tree because once it fell the other side of the tree was completely bare. We all laughed until we were crying. It was a wonderful day!

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