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Sarah, name 3 books you loved as a child?

The Babar books, because for some reason I got it into my head that my grandfather loved them. I would be sure to check them out of the library when he came to visit. I found out once I had children (from my mother) that he didn’t actually enjoy reading those books to me specifically. He would laugh because he would fumble through the names of the characters, and I took that as he was really enjoying the story.

I loved Dr. Seuss books as well. My mother signed each one of my siblings up for this mail order book club and my series was Dr. Seuss. The books are good, and I read them to my children now, but I also think it was the excitement of receiving something in the mail addressed to me.

And third I’d have to say the Mr. Men series. When we would visit my grandparents in northern Ontario, there was this huge bookstore in the middle of nothing but forest as far as the eye could see. We would always stop there, and my mom would let us pick out some books. Meredith and I would always get the Mr. Men books. For some reason in my mind that was the only place they were available. My favourite was Mr. Tickle. Anything with him in it I adored.

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