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Sarah, describe the neighbourhood you grew up in, what was special, challenging?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

The neighbourhood I grew up in was great because of our neighbours. Next door to us lived Bill and Pat who were originally from Newfoundland. They had this large front porch and had a neighbourhood party every night or at least that’s how I remember it as a child. All the other parents would congregate there and would be talking and laughing. All the kids in the neighbourhood would play together too.

The neighbourhood was mostly boys, but it didn’t matter. The boys were the “Hawks”, and the 3 girls (me, Meredith and Kim) were the “Cool Girls”. Our name had a backwards “S” when we wrote it. We even had a real playhouse with shingles and furniture in Kim’s backyard with “The Cool Girls” painted on the door. The Hawks clubhouse was one of the boy’s father’s large wooden shed, which was next door to Kim’s house. We never wanted to be inside, and we all played hard every day! When the sun fell behind the houses it was time for all of us to go home.

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