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Manuscript Monday: The Maidens

On this weeks Manuscript Monday Sarah recommends The Maidens by Alex Michaelides.

This is the first Alex Michaelides book I’ve read. I think it was suggested to me because how much I loved Psyche and Eros. I did like the Greek mythology in it and the symbolism, but the end was so disturbing. I’m not much of a thriller reader so if you are you’d likely love the ending. It was surprising and I still didn’t get it until it was clearly explained in the book. I had to go back and reread spots in the book for the clues after I finished. I also liked the psychology parts too, interesting. So, I will recommend it to others I know that love thrillers but for me, I always want a happy ending so that was the only aspect that left me feeling unsatisfied. I've already put on hold a couple more of his books and will give them a try too. Fingers crossed for a happy that too much to ask in a thriller??

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