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Kim, how do you look after yourself after a bad day?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

I’ll let you know when I’m done writing these answers. Ha ha! Kidding, not kidding. I’m sorry. Self care is important, but I just don’t feel it’s interesting for others to hear about mine. Like I don’t want to hear about how other people take care of themselves after a bad day. I’m glad they do it, rock on, but don’t bore me with the details – you know? Anyway, I’ll spare you the details and be succinct.

After a bad day I come home and relax. Maybe I’ll throw in a shower. I guess this question rubs me the wrong way because I think my strategy is more long term and ongoing. I don’t have ‘bad days’ per se. Like I mean I have them, I’m not immune; but I self care by keeping a positive attitude and investing in my wellness daily by monitoring my thoughts and honouring my truth. By doing this, I find that there aren’t any days that are so bad that I need to do something special or specific to recover. Does that make sense? I guess I don’t think there’s some magic bath or back rub that can wash or rub my cares away. It’s showing up intentionally every day that protects me from the potential power a bad day could have. Bad days don’t not happen to me, but when they do, I’ve put in enough inside work to be protected from having to have a special or specific response at the ready in order to recover. How do I look after myself after a bad day? Proactively.

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