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Manuscript Monday: The Break

On this weeks Manuscript Monday Kim recommends The Break by Katherena Vermette.

This is a story about a group of women and a violent act (I don’t want to give it away). The Break refers to this piece of empty land in the story, but is also symbolically about the relationships, struggles, triumphs and oppression that they have faced over their lives. I like the way this story is told because it does the technique where each chapter is from a different characters point of view. The author is Metis and has written many other novels that I plan to check out. She also won a Canadian Screen Award for a documentary that she wrote and co-directed described in an article from Quill and Quire: “This River follows Vermette as she accompanies a member of Drag the Red, an organization that searches Winnipeg’s Red River for clues about missing members of indigenous communities.” 


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