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Top 10 Ways From the Ashes Interrupted Our Lives

Top 10 Ways From the Ashes Interrupted Our Lives

#10 It’s hard to stop reading this book!

#9 Small moments, such as sharing or not sharing your fries, can have a huge impact on someone.

#8 There’s a difference between explaining to somebody how a strawberry tastes and letting them eat a strawberry.

#7 It’s hard to love someone in a way they need to be loved.

#6 Bones represent the spiritual energy that supports life and enables it to manifest.

#5 Acknowledgement that you are part of the problem if you’re not part of the solution

#4 Telling a story with vulnerability, openness and honesty is an exercise in truly loving yourself.

#3 Not all stories have a happy ending, but some do.

#2 People experiencing homelessness should be treated with humanity, dignity, and respect.

And the number one way From the Ashes interrupted our lives is:

#1 In a deep way that we can’t put into words. Thank you Jesse Thistle for making such a huge impact on all our lives.

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