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Sarah, what did you do as a child when school was let out for summer?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

My mom was a school bus driver so she would sign up to do summer camps and other summer bookings. We were allowed to go with her. One trip we went to Pioneer Village with a group of seniors from the senior’s centre or a residence. I remember it was a really hot day and most of the seniors stayed in the air-conditioned Welcome Centre for the day and didn’t walk around at all. We loved it! It was so much fun.

Another time was a summer camp that was going horseback riding. This is where my phobia of riding horses developed. All the horses were given to the campers, Meredith and I were given the last two horses. Meredith got a horse named Goodie; I got Crystal. Yes, I remember her name because she was a wild horse. It was my first time riding a horse and she ran wild through branches (I managed to stay on thank goodness), then into a pond, she knocked over a beehive (and I was extremely allergic to bees at the time) and then when she finally stopped, she peed all over my leg. I was in tears by the time we made it back to my mother.

Some outings were better than others, but my mom always made it fun for us. We never felt bored or upset we had to go to work with her. She always made us feel like each day was a new and exciting adventure.

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