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Kim, describe the neighbourhood you grew up in, what was special, challenging?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

The neighbourhood I grew up in was pretty awesome. I was an only child and there were lots of kids who lived on my street. I feel very grateful for the neighbourhood of my childhood. It was also cool because there was a complex right behind the street I lived on, so there were even more kids to mix and mingle with there. It was special because it was a special time where the kids would be released in the morning and not be expected back until the evening. Much fun and many adventures were had in those days.

The thing that was challenging for me, was not so much due to the neighbourhood as it was due to my only child status. After having hours of joy-filled play time and adventures with my best friends, we would all have to go back to our houses to retire for the night. All of my friends had siblings, and then there was me: only child. Lonely child. It was the hardest time for me when the day would end and everyone would have to go home. All of my friends were still in some kind of a group, that is they had playmates built in with their siblings. I was always super sad because when I had to go home it meant I also had to be alone. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there was a parent or babysitter there…. But there were no friends anymore. So, to me it looked like the friends could continue their fun at home because they got to go home together. For me, the fun was over, because I had to go home alone.

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