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Kara, pick your favourite photo and write something about it?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

This picture is of the moment everything changed – the day I became a mother for the first time. A perfect, special being chose me to be her mama. No one else in the whole universe, just me. And I was honoured and oh so overwhelmed! Something changed within me, I now had every reason to be the best version of myself because if I committed to doing the inner work, it would greatly impact the life of this precious soul. I saw how interconnected we all are to each other, how one person can create magic with another person and those ripples affect all of us – I saw how imperative connection and acceptance and attachment and nurturance and support and love is, how such things can alter the whole trajectory of one’s life. I didn’t know if I could parent - I still don’t - but a desire was born within me that day, a want so deep and so great that I’d never stop trying to be the best person and mama I could/can be. I became a student that day, a student at the school of life, a student of my people (my children) and I was going to make every effort to understand who I am and who they are as human beings and unique spirits on this planet <3

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