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Kara, how have others tried to define you in the past and how does that differ from who you are?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Sure. I think we’re all guilty of coming up with images of people, which may or may not be “accurate.” One that I’m trying to heal from is this notion that I’m an air head, a space cadette, off in la la land, not really “smart.” The thing is, I’m fucking brilliant – we all are. We all have different and similar ways of learning, understanding, communicating, perceiving, conceptualizing, comprehending and applying information and knowledge. I place WAY MORE value in emotional intelligence (EQ), kinaesthetic intelligence (KQ), the intuitive mind and experiential learning than on one’s ability to memorize a textbook and demonstrate the functions of critical mind and “mastered” techniques – I absolutely prefer to honour the head brain, heart brain and gut brain.


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