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Kara, how do you look after yourself after a bad day?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

I cry. A lot. And then I cry more and let every last tear come out of me. I try telling my husband, but it usually comes out of me not making any sense, so he just holds me instead. Then, I call my mom and/or dad depending on the situation – I re-live the whole ordeal while talking to them, but then start to come around. I then call my sister and she helps me get strong, leaving my victim behind. And then we laugh – we laugh and laugh and laugh some more. I go take a bath and then eat comfort food, like chilli or oatmeal or chicken soup. For the next couple of days, I listen to music more, go on more walks and read more and continue with my podcast obsession. To wrap it all up and move on, I tend to reflect and decide to turn the happening into a lesson, at which point I become thankful for the dramatic and emotional ordeal!


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