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Authors Spotlight with Christine Skarbek

During this mini episode we turn the Authors Spotlight onto Christine Skarbek and her book “Confronting Power and Chaos: The Uncharted Kaleidoscope of My Life”

What’s in a name?

Her trailblazer of a distant cousin forged a solitary, singular path during and after WWII. Unassuming and somewhat clueless, Christine eventually finds she has to do pretty much the same. A teen fully expecting her Midwestern life would be drab and ho-hum, she meets in Germany an elderly man who offered her a ride – and insight into a legacy she was going to rely on throughout her entire life.

Listen to the podcast episode anywhere you get podcasts:

Discussion Points:

  • Christine Skarbek her namesake during World War 2

  • Struggling with divorce and children health concerns

  • Writing a screenplay and pitching it to Hollywood

  • The recession creating a new path and opportunity in Poland

  • Finding strength from her role model

  • Guns in America


Mentioned on this episode of Book Interrupted:

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