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Authors Spotlight with Dr. Kerry Forrestal MD

Updated: Mar 25

During this mini episode we turn the Authors Spotlight onto Dr. Kerry Forrestal MD/MBA and his book “Crushing Cancer: A Patient’s Complete Guide to Managing a Cancer Diagnosis”

2 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States this year. Managing a cancer diagnosis is not only managing the disease, it’s also taking care of your finances and workplace, making sure you are legally protected, and that you can manage all the complications and emergencies that arise.

This book will tell you what to do from Day One, Hour One of your diagnosis.

Listen to the podcast episode anywhere you get podcasts:

Discussion Points during this episode:

  • Financial Issues

  • Cancer Scams

  • Interpersonal dynamics

  • New era of cancer care 

  • What to do on day one

Mentioned on this episode:

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