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What Happened to You Playlist

Sometimes reading the book isn't enough. During this recurring blog segment, Book Interrupted members share songs that made their playlist and why.

This playlist was inspired by the book What Happened To You? by Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD and Oprah Winfry. Listen to the full Spotify playlist here or watch it here on YouTube.

What's on your playlist?

Easy On Me by Adele


“I chose Easy On Me By Adele because it feels very much like she’s tired and trying so hard to do right by someone(s) and just needs to forgive herself for the failings of her youth.

It feels to me like a song about exceptance of what is. And after the book What Happened to You, I think a little self forgiveness would help any and everyone..

Hero by Mariah Carey


“I decided to explain this song verses the other songs I picked for this book cycle, because they were a little dark. I was in a dark place reading this book, so that is the reason I chose some of the others, however then I remembered this song. My first therapist told me about this song and its one of hope. I felt hope was missing from this book, but for those fellow survivors of childhood trauma this one is a good one. Some of the lyrics are:

Dreams are hard to follow But don't let anyone Tear them away, hey yeah Hold on There will be tomorrow In time you'll find the way

So, when you feel like hope is gone Look inside you and be strong And you'll finally see the truth That a hero lies in you

This song continues to help me 25+ years later. I hope it will give you hope too.”

Staple It Together by Jack Johnson


"I'd be lying if I didn't admit that this book stirred up some difficult feelings. One of my go-to albums when I need a pick-me-up is Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams. Ironically, I came across this song that was perfect for this playlist, with the added benefit of an upbeat tempo.

It's really too bad he became a prisoner of his own past He stabbed the moment in the back with a brown thumbtack Then held up the list of things he gotta to do

It's really no good he's movin' on before he understood He shot the future in the foot with every step he took Caught from the places that he did cause he forgot to look

On, Johnson is quoting as saying, " meant that you have to pick up the pieces, move on, and not dwell on the past or think about the future too much."

Numb by Portishead


"Cause a child roses light

Tries to reveal, what I could feel

And this loneliness

It just won't leave me alone

I found this song on the music on my phone and thought it fit well with the book.

To me, the song is about feeling alone even when there are people there."

Soy Yo by Bomba Estereo


“I chose this song because of the music video. I feel an almost spiritual connection to the girl in that music video. Truly, she’s like my alter ego. She exudes confidence; her energy is unapologetic; and, she taps into this cool, self-assured vibe. The whole song is about trying to be yourself, walking your own path and sometimes falling down along the way, but realizing how the hard times impacted your life by creating who you are today. The song reminds us that there are going to be people who don't approve of you, and when they criticize you, just look at them and say "it's me." It's an upbeat, fun tune that balances out the heavy subject matter of the book, "What Happened To You." And, in a way, the song goes along with one of the themes of the book: that we are the sum of our experiences. So don't apologize for who you are - own it.”

What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye


“I picked What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye because I knew it was about protest. I’ve included a link that tells the story of What’s Going On that I feel captures some of why I wanted to put it on the What Happened to You playlist. The book talks about the effect of trauma on individuals and I feel like the song acknowledges how trauma can also happen to groups of people. Like racism is traumatic. War is traumatic. Poverty is traumatic. This song is from a while ago and is still relevant today. Society can be traumatic. I feel like we should protest that. That’s why I like Whats Going On for this playlist.”

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