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Untamed Playlist

Sometimes reading the book isn't enough. During this recurring blog segment, Book Interrupted members share songs that made their playlist and why.

This playlist was inspired by the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Listen to the full Spotify playlist here or watch it here on YouTube.

What's on your playlist?

Fire in my Soul by Walk Off The Earth


“I chose this song for the untamed playlist because the lyric 'fire in my soul' makes me think of the warm golden goo inside of us that the author writes about. It's also a fun music video! It reminds me of partying with my friends as a young adult, as did some of Glennon Doyle's stories about feeling a special bond with her friends while doing magic mushrooms. This song makes me feel uncaged, much like the book.”

I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles


“Well, she looked at me

And I, I could see

That before too long

I'd fall in love with her”

“When Glennon met Abby.”

Ladies by Fiona Apple


This is one of my all-time favourite Fiona Apple songs.

“Ruminations on the looming effect

And the parallax view, and the figure

And the form, and the revolving door that keeps

Turning out more and more

Good women like you”

Those “good women” are exactly what Doyle is talking about. Societal pressured provide clear expectations about what a “good woman” looks like, and these are the cages referred to in Untamed.

Mad at Disney by Salem Ilese


“This song has a super fun sound. Light, poppy and a sample from… Sleeping Beauty, maybe??? It kinda encapsulates the problematic story line of most Disney movies. Selling a fantasy story and female helplessness that desperately needs adjusting. That being said, I appreciate some of these movies as classics. I also enjoy a lot of the new story lines of the female forward heroines in the more contemporary Disney movies. This song is a great ironic upbeat slice of what’s wrong with selling that message to little girls.”

So Much to Say by Dave Matthew Band


“Sometimes I think about a song I like THEN I see if it fits with the book we are reading. That was the case with Untamed. I really like the song So Much to Say by DMB and Glennon Doyle did have a lot to say in her book. When I went through the song verse by verse, I discovered that this song was a very appropriate pick (as far as I’m concerned).

They say my hell is a closet and I’m stuck inside

This speaks to Glennon trying to follow the memos that society gave her, she was stuck inside the proverbial box of what she’s supposed to be. Also, this line could more literally be applied to her relationship in the sense that she came out of the closet when she met and fell in love with Abby.

And my heaven is a nice house in the sky, got central heating, and I’m alright

This echoes the original sentiment: follow society’s rules/expectations and you’re doing it right…. On it goes.

I could dissect every line and relate it back to this central theme. I could, but I won’t.”

The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera


“I chose this song, because in the book Untamed Glennon wants to help people get in-tune with their own inner voice. That your inner voice can be trusted to guide you in the right direction, especially for those like me that have a hard time with trusting others. You are never alone if you have yourself. I also think this song is a pep talk for those feeling lost.”

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