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Topic Tuesday for They Called Me Number One

On this weeks Topic Tuesday Meredith picks a quote from page 86 of They Called Me Number One: Secrets and Survival at an Indian Residential School by Bev Sellars.

“People defending the churches try to justify giving the kids the strap because it was common in those days for school and parents to use corporal punishment. I am sure the kids in public school did not go home beaten black and blue from the strap. I am sure the kids in public school were not beaten with the strap on a daily basis for the least little thing. I am sure the kids in public school were not strapped until their spirits were broken. I doubt if any of those students bear scars from the strap today. You can bet that their parents would be right at the school to complain about the brutality of it. We didn’t have anything except the priest’s or nun’s conscience to protect us, and many times their conscience went out the window.”

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