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Sarah, what makes you unique?

Wow, who gave these questions out?? Ha ha, just kidding I did. I don’t know, maybe you should ask someone that knows me.

Hmm, let’s see… I think I will say some of the things that are unique physically about me: I started getting grey/white hair at 16, so my hair is actually white right now at 42. I have let is grow out only once when I was 34, but dyed it again for a job interview. My nails are naturally a French manicure. They’re really white on the tips, so when I get a manicure I usually just get clear on them.

When I was 20, I went to a specialist because apparently I sweat too much. They called it ‘hyperhidrosis’. He did a new surgery (that is no longer done) on me where they cut some sensor near my ribcage, so my face and hands don’t sweat. At all. Ever. But, the body still needs to cool itself; so, man oh man, do my feet and legs sweat! Ha ha.

Oh, and one last thing…. When I eat apples the back on my neck sweats. It’s so weird and just with apples.

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