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Sarah, reflect on your greatest struggle. What was it and how did you grow from it?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

I think like most people I’ve had many struggles and each one was big at the time. My most recent struggle was trying to balance working a full-time career in the business world and being a mother. I used to call it the crazy train and how I was planning on getting off it (which I did). I did many things to make it work more efficiently, but ultimately, I couldn’t be two places at the same time. My husband and I worked hard to make the changes necessary to take that leap so I could leave the corporate world, but it was a hard 3 years. We moved from the city we loved to somewhere less expensive. We both changed our schedules, so we didn’t have to rely on after-school childcare, which resulted in two 12-hour days for me at work.

It wasn’t easy to accomplish this dream. I had many people throughout those 3 years tell me all the reasons they thought it wasn’t a good idea. That’s how I grew, listening to my inner voice, rather than outside influence. So, I held firm to my dream, and I left the business world, moved overseas with my family and haven’t been happier. It’s now been another 3 years and I’ve started a new project (Book Interrupted) that allows me to balance family and workload. No more crazy train for me.

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