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Meredith, list 3 of your favourite quotes?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

It would be ingenuine to list a bunch of quotes here. I don’t have a particularly good memory for that kind of thing, and nothing comes to mind. There is one from a kid’s show – actually, it’s a song.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood is not only a fantastic show for kids, but also for adults. It has lessons for both. This particular song I often sing to myself. I am a perfectionist, and mistakes grate at me. I will fixate on them and have a hard time forgiving myself for having made a mistake. Of course, rationally I know that mistakes are an important part of learning, and at the same time my reaction is ingrained. The only thing that has ever helped me accept a mistake is this song. I sing it to myself when I feel the frustration and disappointment bubbling up, and I feel better.

♪♪ It’s ok to make a mistake. Try to fix it and learn from it too ♪♪ ~Daniel Tiger

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