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Manuscript Monday: Why We Sleep

On this weeks Manuscript Monday Meredith recommends Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.

When I was a kid adults used to want me to go to sleep even when I didn’t want to. Then I became an adult, and could make my own decisions. Except, adults still wanted me to get enough sleep. What gives??

Although I knew deep down that I probably needed more sleep than I was getting, I didn’t fully understand why until I read this book. Good sleep is an investment in good health. In a world that is so distracting, it can be hard to choose shut-eye over pretty much anything else. Knowing the benefits (and consequences) of sleep quality has given me pause, and I think overall has improved my sleep habits. Even beyond the initial period where I was “all about” sleep.

Beyond that, it’s just fun to read a science book. It has graphs and everything. I especially like reading about deep sleep versus REM, and their difference. Sure, the reported effects of poor sleep on health may scare some readers, but if you have a couple sleepless nights over it, the book also tells you how to take care of that.

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