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Kara, who was your first love?

Well, I’m not going to use his real name without his permission, but I will put his initials of BS. Quite simply, it was THE BEST of first love experiences – couldn’t have been better even though it was not a perfect relationship. I was 17yrs old and he was in a grade above me in high school. He was the coolest of the cool, so popular, interesting, sociable, funny, goofy and weird while equally so normal and able to fit it with many friends. Such a philosopher at heart. He was my best friend and I’ve had several psychics confirm that we keep meeting up lifetime after lifetime. We were like peas and carrots and could easily slip into our own little world. I will be forever grateful to him and his family for supporting, helping and loving me when I moved out of my parents’ home. We are still friends to this day but are much more like brother and sister, and we touch base often. He was a total ass who cheated on me numerous times, but I have forgiven him and I am thankful now for the many lessons served to me from this first love experience.

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