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Kara, what is your most prized possession and how did you come to own it?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

*Item not pictured

Impossible! How can I possibly choose just one? I have my collection of trinkets – so precious and dear to my heart. There’s the Lego character that Bob made of me with flaming red hair and devil ears, and the homemade mugs and flower pots that the girls made me with such excitement and presented as gifts with such pride. There’s the beautiful necklace from my mom, which she brought back from Israel, and the pendant on it is the Hebrew character for home – of course, it arrived in my life at THE time I had just intentionally decided to get to know and love myself. There’s the tarot decks of cards from my dad, which remind me of the stories he would tell me when I was young about him living in the wilderness in his twenties as a prospector; they remind me about his meditation practices, his love of Tai Chi and how he defined his own spirituality separate from organized religion. There’s the special necklace from Stacey with a dandelion wish inside of glace as the pendant – how perfect!! Of course, there’s the blue keepsake box covered in ridiculous and wonderful pictures that Sarah made me for one Christmas too many years ago when she was determined to accomplish the holiday season on a budget, and yet, it is the gift that has travelled with me from home to home and it always remains in my bedroom on my nightstand. AND then, there’s bits of Lia sprinkled everywhere! Obviously 😊 Her clothes, her shoes and her purses, her makeup and her absolutely incredible artwork – not to mention, my tattoos, which she graciously gave me for FREE! Because there’s major perks when your sister is the coolest cat, most generous person and extremely talented tattoo artist XO

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