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Sarah, describe your perfect day?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

My perfect day would be going for breakfast with Kim and Meredith. We’d go to my favourite breakfast restaurant, Easy Restaurant in Toronto and I would have eggs benedict. After breakfast we’d do tarot card readings and just hangout, if we got hungry, we’d munch on chips and salsa.

Kim and I would go and meet Kara and Lia for Mani/Pedi’s on the Danforth and meet back up with Meredith for shawarmas afterwards.

We would then meet Lindsay at Body Blitz, the water spa, in Toronto. Chill out there for the rest of the afternoon enjoying the waters and their fresh juices. I would also get a massage while there.

We would then all go out for dinner in Toronto for a Sunday roast (my favourite dinner with Yorkshire pudding). Once I say good-bye to my friends, I would meet my husband at the Bloor and Avenue Chapters/Indigo for mochas, reading and date night. Just like we used to do all the time before children. We’d get a nice hotel and stay over in the city for a romantic night. My mother would be taking care of my kids, so I would be secure that they were having a wonderful time. I’d check-in with my kids before they went to bed.

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