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Nonviolent Communication Artwork

"And that artist is...Lia MacBean" During this monthly Blog segment I will share art inspired by Book Interrupted's book picks and discussions. Check it out on the last Sunday of each month.

This piece of artwork is inspired by Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg PhD. Listen to Book Interrupted members hilariously try to assist Kara in using the NVC method to resolve a violent discussion she had about "country bumpkins" in episode 6 of the Nonviolent Communication book cycle or you can also watch this episode on our YouTube channel.

This artwork is reflective of the questions asked in the Exercise 2 quiz on page 47 "Expressing Feelings:" See which statements in the numbered quiz are actual feelings vs projected feelings.

Take the quiz yourself, do you know what are feelings and what are projected feelings:

  1. "I feel you don't love me."

  2. "I'm sad that you're leaving."

  3. "I feel scared when you say that."

  4. "When you don't greet me, i feel neglected."

  5. "I'm happy that you can come."

  6. "You're disgusting."

  7. "I feel like hitting you."

  8. "I feel misunderstood."

  9. "I feel good about what you did for me."

  10. "I'm worthless."

*Feelings: 2, 3, 5, 9

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