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Meredith, write a moment you remember truly feeling at peace; where were you & what were you doing?

I mentioned this story already in The Power of Going with the Flow, but it was my most peaceful moment, so I’ll repeat it here. In my twenties I was thrown from a white-water raft and stuck in an underwater eddy. I did as I had been instructed beforehand, and made myself into a ball, waiting for my lifejacket to float me to the top. Eventually, I ran out of air, and realized I would soon take in water and drown. I didn’t feel panic—I felt at peace. I felt acceptance that my life would soon end. Just as I was about to take in a breath of water, I surfaced! I started swimming to shore and was picked up by the rescue boat. Both Sarah and Kara were there that day. Afterwards, the whole rafting group stopped for lunch. Peanut butter sandwiches, I think.

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