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Meet Book Interrupted

Meet Book Interrupted - a podcast book club for busy people who want to connect and celebrate life's many interruptions.

The founder of Book Interrupted is Sarah, and her favourite hobbies are reading, listening to podcasts, and being with her family and friends. Even though she loves these experiences, she found that she never had the time to join a formal book club, or listen to a lengthy podcast episode. And this got her thinking ... what if there was a book club that could fit into one's schedule without expectations?

Sarah asked five of the closest people to her if they'd like to join her on a venture: Meredith, Kim, Lindsay, Kara and Lia gave an unanimous "yes." They were all drawn to the idea of connecting regularly and discussing life beyond the pages of great books.

The members of Book Interrupted value fun, acceptance, inclusion, transparency, kindness and connection. They believe it is important for people to have safe, trusting and welcoming communities - spaces that make it easy for busy people from around the world to connect into without expectations, where people can discuss the realities of life and the moments in between the pages while reading a good book.

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