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Kara, describe your perfect day?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

A perfect day begins with a bit of a sleep-in and then SEX – ya, I said it. Get my boogie on with the hubby and then a shower followed by a fresh, hot cup of delicious coffee. It’s the summertime and I’m at a cottage – I walk down to the dock to enjoy my bevvie by the lake. I meditate, journal write, read, set an intention for the day and then pray.

I head back to the cottage and a chef is cooking breakfast for the whole family. The girls are up and we share big, heartfelt hugs, and I get to breathe my beautiful daughters in. They enjoy a few hours with their dad while mama bear goes off to do a yoga class with my mom, a walk with my dad, lunch out and shopping with my sister, and then meeting up with my closest girlfriends to go to the spa – it’s not just any spa trip, it’s one that’s facilitated by a spiritual guru and we get to do tarot card readings, crystal healing rituals and sound baths in between massages and mani/pedi’s.

I come home and the girls have cooked supper – we eat together as a family and then play card/board games. After we shared our day with each other, the kids go off to bed and the hubby and I watch a hilarious sketch comedy routine and laugh and laugh until we cry and then we start talking about one of the themes which came up and discuss that comedian’s point of view and how it relates to something we’ve noticed about society. We both head to bed and read, me falling asleep in his arms as he reads me a passage about some past moment in history which is reminding him of a current event and isn’t he so smart for drawing parallels … zzzzz …

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