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For The Love Of Art - THE 4% FIX

Goal setting techniques? Check. Time management suggestions? Double-check. Tips 'n tricks on navigating through this busy, modern world as a grown-ass adult? I think you can see where this is going. And yet, "The 4% Fix: How One Hour Can Change Your Life" by Karma Brown surprises with equal amounts of compassion, self-care and humour to balance out its structure and many strategies on adulting … like a boss.

This book is somehow light-hearted even though it is heavy with the latest research: it's about how to carve out fulfilling time for yourself and your endeavours, what that looks like (in a very real way), and why doing this matters. It’s an enjoyable read for those who desperately want to add more meaning to their everyday. The author does a great job of reminding us how much grace, forgiveness and kindness we should routinely offer to ourselves when setting goals and implementing new habits. Brown doesn’t just offer practical advice around time management; her underlying funny tone emphasizes befriending yourself in the process of building an intentional life filled with meaning and fulfillment.

When I began reading this book, I didn't know what direction to go in for artistic representations. Finding a cool calendar or custom bullet journal to represent neatly organized segments of “to dos” seemed fitting AND not juicy enough - yyaaassss these items are aesthetically pleasing, but they fell flat for me. Empty soul food. I kept reading the book with no sweeps of inspiration blowing in and grabbing my attention; it legit made me sad.

But one day, near the end of reading the book, I was in the middle of coming down hard on myself for getting lost in the scheduling of a million and one things for the fall family calendar. All of a sudden, I caught wind of what was so inspiring about the book! Too much over-thinking and negative self-talk had blocked my imagination. As I got up from the table to open the window and let in the breeze, I remembered what else the author shared with her readers, in addition to the planning techniques: self-compassion. Of course!! How quickly I forgot.

As I was getting angry at myself for forgetting family calendar details and seeing how these items affected the “perfect” schedule, this book reminded me to not take myself too seriously because, sometimes, perfectly laid plans get adjusted. And that's ok! This book reminded me to re-connect with the part of me who is forgiving, easy-going and funny. This is the angle of the art that ultimately caught my attention - anything that evokes joy, laughter and happiness. Although the advice from the book was most helpful, it was the author’s joyful attitude that sent me searching for art that falls into the shits 'n giggles category. Below are the links to art that inspired me. These pieces represent the light-hearted, funny and upbeat tone of the author in this book. Enjoy! LINKS: "Serenity now!" from Seinfeld "Cuban Pete" by Joseph Norman from "The Mask" (1994) "Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in)" by the Fifth Dimension from "The 40 Year Old Virgin" (2005) "Get Out the Way" by Ludacris from "Tropic Thunder" (2008) Andy Warhol pop art paintings:

*Source of image, no copyright infringement intended

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