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Burnout Playlist

Sometimes reading the book isn't enough. During this recurring blog segment, Book Interrupted members share songs that made their playlist and why.

Don't burnout, rock out! This playlist was inspired by the book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily and Amelia Nagoski. Listen to the full Spotify playlist here. Or watch it here on our YouTube channel.

What's on your playlist?

Till I Collapse by Eminem feat. Nate Dogg


“First of all, this is a FUN workout tune, and physical movement and exercise were huge components of the book “Burnout.” Second, it’s a tough but inspirational tune, so even though it’s performed by two men, it still makes me feel like a strong, empowered woman. Feminism was another theme of the book and this song makes me feel like I can take on ANYTHING, especially the patriarchy. Finally, this tune is about pushing yourself to the limit, and that was another topic raised throughout a good part of the book. Sometimes, it takes until we completely collapse before we really learn how to listen to and care for ourselves in deep, meaningful and intimate ways - before we check-in with ourselves regularly and reflect internally, actively find ways to process various emotions and stress cycles, and integrate regulating practices into our routines."

Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa


"I choose "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa because I just never get sick of this song. I want you to try , just try to not dance when this song is on. Does it particularly relate to the book choice, "Burnout"? NO! It really doesn't at all. Though i do enjoy this particular song often in my morning ritual of stretching, movement and often just plain dance. That is anti-stress self-care. Which is pretty darn important in shoring up against burnout. So there you have it. Maybe the song does relate to the book."

Survival by Muse


"I adore Muse. They're music has is both grandiose and motivating. Great background music for getting things done. As far as burnout goes, the lyrics pretty much speak for themselves:


Life's a race

And I am gonna win

Yes, I am gonna win

And I'll light the fuse

And I'll never lose

And I choose to survive

Whatever it takes

You won't pull ahead

I'll keep up the pace

And I'll reveal my strength

To the whole human race"'

Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls


"I love this song because Meredith used to play it on her guitar all the time when we were teenagers. I have a feeling of nostalgia whenever I hear it. I also think it goes with this book perfectly and it’s such a great song."

Buggin' Out by A Tribe Called Quest


I picked this song because it’s on topic, got a good beat, and is by a group that I grew up listening to and love!

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