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Sarah, when was your last good cry and how did you feel afterwards?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

My last good cry was when I realized how much I was going to miss spending the Christmas holidays with my mother. I have always celebrated the holidays with her, but because of the restrictions on travel this past year, I wasn’t able to. I have always thought she overdoes it, but when I was alone with just my family, I missed her terribly and how she celebrates fully that time of year. Some would say she has the Christmas spirit. As usual, I spent the day in a bad mood, without being able to pinpoint it, until I spoke out loud what was bothering me. Then the tears came.

I’m glad I let those tears flow and I felt better. I felt raw, but not anxious anymore. This too shall pass, I thought, and this year and holiday season will pass. Both will become a story we tell future generations.

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