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Sarah, how have others tried to define you in the past and how does that differ from who you are?

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

When I was in the 10th grade, I was diagnosed by the school with a learning disability. At the time I was in an advanced English class, in which I was getting good grades but they immediately moved me to the regular class because I didn’t belong with the advanced students.

I remember the counsellor telling my mother “she’ll never be a great reader”. I carried that perception of being stupid with me for a long time, and it still comes up sometimes. But, what I realized is that the way I learn might not fit into the current education “system”, however that doesn’t mean the way I learn is “wrong”; it’s just different. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.What I might lack in one area I definitely make up for in focus or flow.I can get a lot accomplished, which is valued in the workforce and that’s where I shine.So, now this person who would “never be a great reader” not only reads a lot (because I have always loved to read) but has a book club podcast too.

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