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Sapiens Playlist

Sometimes reading the book isn't enough. During this recurring blog segment, Book Interrupted members share songs that made their playlist and why.

This playlist was inspired by the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. Listen to the full Spotify playlist here or watch it here on YouTube.

What's on your playlist?

How Far I’ll Go by Auli’i Cravalho


“Maybe I’ve watched Moana too many times. Maybe this is just a great tune. Try NOT to be inspired by the human desire for adventure while looking at the ocean and belting this sweet song into the wind.”

Strange Animal by Gowan


“I don’t think this song choice needs much explaining. Sapiens are strange animals indeed! When I think about the lyrics of this song, I think of early Sapiens singing to modern day man AS WELL AS modern man singing to early Sapiens. I think either group could think these thoughts while examining the other, whether it be early Sapiens having a glimpse to the future or modern-day man looking back over time at themselves. That’s why I like this song for this book. The lyrics work both ways and I think that’s kind of cool!”

Society by Eddie Vedder


“I chose this song because this song really speaks to me. Especially the line,

“It’s a mystery to me,

we have agreed,

to which we have agreed”

I think this really speaks to the book, because it was something that we collectively agreed too, because most of “society” we (homo-sapiens) created in our imagination. It also speaks to me because I did leave one society to go to one that isn’t individualistic or as capitalistic.”

Animals by Maroon 5


“I chose this song for the sapiens playlist because it's so predatory, and predatory makes me think of power, and power was one of the sub-themes of the book. Predatory also makes me think of nature and 'animals' - which is, of course, the title of the song. This book was incredible and intelligent and thought-provoking: it made me reflect on the evolution of human beings and how we are of nature. Some people like to think of themselves as better than animals, but we are animals with a frontal cortex.”

Money Money by Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli


“Money makes the world go around

The world go around

The world go around”

I couldn’t resist adding a little musical flair to our playlist with this gem from Cabaret!”

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes


This song touches on so many of the themes in Sapiens. Storytelling, religion, agriculture. Jack White says it's about gossip. Plus, it’s an awesome song.

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