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Kim, if you could live the life of one fictional character, which character would it be?

It would be a woman who never had to answer blog questions! She would just spend her days enjoying her life with her family and friends. She would still have a successful podcast and a wonderful fan base but she would never ever have to write out answers to questions that are better addressed conversationally.

Ooops! Sorry, my fantasy got away with me there… If I had to live my life as one fictional character… It’s hard to say. I read a lot of non fiction and the fiction I did read was mostly Stephen King or Jodi Picoult… Like, other than fairy tales, it’s truly difficult for me to even think of one! And lord knows I don’t want to be Cinderella! I’m looking at my bookshelf right now and it is ALL NON FICTION. Argggh! Fuck it. I guess I’ll pick Medusa. No! Wait. The Little Mermaid. Final answer.

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